This collection contains almost all my adult Slipshine comics up to around the time I finished Lez 2.
This is the same collection I sell at conventions, but now it's yours for only 12$!

NEW: The collection is now 12$! WOW!!

NEW: I included both The Pill and Hell's Express ending chapters.
I've also included 3 bonus comics to sweeten the deal. See below!!

Here's what it contains (click to see more samplers):

All of Lez 1
43 pages

All of Lez 2
60 pages

The Pill
63 pages

Hell's Express
43 pages

Tilly & the Wolf
13 pages

Bubbles HTN
15 pages

The Blind Date
15 pages

XXXMas Cheer
7 pages

And some misc html so you can view it in browsers!

That totals out to over 250+ pages of smut comics!!

For now there's only the download option. Transactions are Paypal Only.

If you want my collection, please email me at "" (Replace the "~" with a "@"!!),
and I will give you my paypal email. You must tell me your paypal email so I know it's your payment!

The Collection is 12$

When the payment is sent, I'll give you the link and password. That's it!
Thank you for your time!

Previous buyers: If you want the extra/bonus comics, please email me again (make sure to include your paypal email)
so I can find you in my database. I'll then give you the new link. Thanks!